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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  January 5, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> those rim rattling hub cap losing enemy areas for drivers are back. potholes and bitter cold often go hand in hand. looks like we will remain in a deepfreeze for a while. i'm lesli foster, good evening. topper shutt keeping an eye on these very frigid temperatures here in the weather center and so am i. it is one thing to talk about bitter cold. you factor in the winds. >> we can't shake it. not 40-mile-an-hour winds any more. still 30s though. wind gusts aren't as strong as the weekend. couple temperatures in the low 30s right now with winds in the 20s. that's windchill for you. 22-mile-an-hour wind gusts just the last hour at national. 28-mile-an-hour wind gusts down towards andrews. not damaging winds like we had over the weekend but they do play a factor. in fact, here are the temps. 30 in frederick. 33 downtown.
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32 in quanico. dress in layers. cover exposed skin if you can. 23 windchill at national. 21 in frederick. 20 in manassas. we could see single digits in the morning. snow showers off to the north. we do run the risk of some of the showers actually making it into the metro area later on tonight. winter continuing in a big way out east of the divide. winter storm warnings still in effect for garrett county. tonight, breezy and cold. flurries or snow showers possible. lows around 25 and there are the winds north westerly. we will come back and talk about a clipper. maybe a little snow and maybe even colder air. >> topper, all right. just like the snow and ice there is another sure sign of winter. potholes. dave statter, what did you find. >> reporter: when you're on this patrol you don't just look for the holes you look for the hub caps. we fond this one around the corner. northwest off wisconsin avenue.
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these holes were probably patched last year and they are starting to come loose once again. i wouldn't say it is a bumper crop yet. i think we are weeks away from that but we did have an early spike. on reno road they swerve, straddle and sometimes they hit. nearby a hub cap. this is a pothole where people hit it at a fairly rapid pace. the speed is usually slower but the frustration is still the same. >> i've got several big potholes on my street. >> reporter: this is a street dc has neglected john said. >> i don't believe this street appears on any government records other than tax rolls. >> the older the street. if there have been patches on it already then obviously the possibility of getting potholes goes up. >> reporter: john lyle says the city has made great strides in repaving operations but potholes are still inevitable. >> we had about 100 calls last week, monday last week when the
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weather had just started to warm up after we had not only the snow but the rain as well. so we got a lot of calls initially and now we are down to about 25 a day. >> reporter: of course those numbers will pick up again when springs approaches. if you want to report a pothole in the district it is simple. dial 311. and now you can use twitter to report the holes in the streets. lesli? >> all right. so the slow going continuing. i've got a couple right outside my driveway so i know. thank you, dave. this bone-chilling weather is sending calls for emergency plumbing service through the roof and if you have ever had a frozen water pipe burst you know the cleanup is no joke especially if you look in an apartment or condo and where that happens that could happen and affect many other units. audrey barnes joining us live from the banks of the potomac with more on that side of the story.
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>> reporter: you mentioned frozen water, lesli. take a look at this. frozen water on the potomac. very unusual sight. a german town family found when it comes to pipes and winter weather insulation is your very best friend much the ice dangling from the exterior of the condo are a frozen reminder of the flood that almost destroyed it. >> she came into the kitchen and saw about 4 inches of water in the kitchen. >> reporter: the home's water pipes froze and then burst sending water cascading through their condo and the two below it. >> this was supposed to be insulated with r24 insulation which is to code. it wasn't. so that's why it caused the leak. >> reporter: it would have been much worse if not for one of their house guests. >> luckily we had a guest that was coming over who is a contractor and he was able to locate the leak and turn off
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the main water supply which helped us tremendously. but still, the damage is extensive. it will only cost about $600 to fix the pipe. thousands more to repair the floors, drywall and other things. and to make matters worse, he just moved in four months ago and learned it happened before. >> make it angry that the builder didn't take care of this when they built these units. >> it does. >> reporter: to keep this from happening to you the technicians at gaithersburg plumbing have some suggestions. >> first, look for insulation. second thing is you always have to have the heat on in your house even if your house is vacant. >> reporter: he is glad to spend the holidays with his new grandchild and making new memories the flood can't destroy. >> a lot of our personal items were destroyed in the flood and we just hopefully can recover as much as possible. and the most important
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thing that he learned through this whole ordeal is where the main shut-off value to his water is in his condo. >> thank you. now to a woman accused of trying to cut a living infant from its mother's stomach. she was in a courtroom today and so were the survivors of the bizarre attack last month. a detective testified that 40- year-old veronica deramous claimed that she had bought that baby for $5000 before the attack. she is accused of taking 29- year-old teka adams hostage in an apartment and slicing her with a box cutting in an attempt to get the pregnant woman's child out of her body. the victim's father said his daughter had a difficult time seeing veronica deramous in court. >> in the nights when she can't sleep we talk about that. otherwise it is like she goes back into shock or something. it is more of a story to be told than an emotion to be felt. so in the middle of the night she has a real hard time. >> the family brought the
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infant child to court. her name is miracle sky. doctors delivered her by c- section. president obama is taking government intelligence agencies to task. he said they had enough information to stop a passenger attempt to bomb a flight landing in detroit on christmas days. president obama said agencies had key information about the man now in custody. >> our intelligence community failed to connect the dots which would have placed the suspect on the no fly list. in other words, this was not a failure to collect intelligence. it was a failure to integrate and understand the intelligence that we already had. >> the president says the failure of intelligence agencies in this matter is unacceptable. he is ordered those agencies to make immediate steps to make sure it is not repeated. he also says in the days to come he will announce new airport screening procedures aimed at making air travel
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safer. virginia governor elect bob mcdonell with inaugural plans. new details are emerging about a third white house party crasher. those details and stories are coming up next. (announcer) school mornings are busy mornings.
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our party pizzas have just passed toy robots. awkward. kids love totino's party pizzas. update now on a pedestrian accident in durwood. >> that's right, we brought this breaking news to you earlier at 5:00 p.m. tonight. crab branch way and wetland road. no road closures expected because of this accident. let's head over it our map to check this out. two cars on top of each other still blocking the right lane.
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in a loop. traffic very heavy. about 20 to 30 minutes to get through two different stretches. 66 westbound. still very heavy for travelers heading westbound. we will leave you with some good news on 395. everyone moving at speeds from 14th street bridge. back to you. that trip to get your taxes done can be stressful enough but you probably don't know that the people who cut your hair have to meet more standards than your preparer. until now. the irs is cracking down on shoddy tax pros starting with the 2011 filing season the government will test, register and screen the people who get paid to prep your taxes and the irs will make sure that people who put your taxes together have paid their own. still ahead on 9news now. the idea of new taxes is not going over too well in
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virginia. >> it is insanity to expect virginia's middle class families to spend $1000 more a year in taxes? republicans think so. i'm peggy fox. i'll have the story coming up. it's monday,
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a local developer has decided not to run for dc mayor. he had been highly critical of incumbent mayor adrian fenty and vowed to use up to $5 million of his own to finance a campaign too unseat the incumbent. he was intent on running but only if dc council chairman vincent grey decided against challenging adrian fenty. we are learning a lot more about the third gate crasher at the november state din, at the white house. he is carlos allen. an event planner who holds private parties at his mt. pleasant townhouse. guess what, he is a pal of one of the other uninvited white house guests. here is a picture of allen with michaele salahi from his now
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offline website. one of allen's neighbors and acquaintances used to work at the white house and he says he just can't believe it. >> it just befuddles me that that could happen much it is amazing to me. >> when you were there people had to be on the list to get in. >> you had to be on the list. you had to be checked. you had to be checked again. you had to be checked again. >> allen's lawyer now admits that his client was at the white house but he insists he was invited. we are going to hear from him tonight at 11:00 p.m. virginia governor elect bob mcdonell unveiling his inaugural plans today. leading up to the big event the republican lawmaker will volunteer at food banks and homeless shelters. stations will be set up to take donations for the salvation army and federation of virginia food banks. are people in virginia ready to pay more taxes?
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tim kaine has proposed to raise at least $1 billion in taxes and fees. but some won't let it happen. >> reporter: republican leaders in virginia are blasting tim kaine's proposed budget calling it pure fantasy because it includes new taxes and fees that don't exist. >> he is looking at anywhere from 1 billion to 2 billion in extra taxes. virginians can't afford that. >> reporter: this delegate says they won't approve tim kaine's plan to reinstate the entire car tax nor his proposal to allow localities to impose a surcharge on top of the state income tax. >> that hits virginia families smack in the pocket book. >> reporter: but another says giving counties another source of revenue could help fund schools. >> it is a good idea to have a variety of tax sources so no one segment of your community is hit harder than the other.
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>> reporter: if the legislature doesn't increase taxes or fees it must decrease spending and that would be on top of millions of dollars in cuts and services and hundreds of layoffs in state government already. >> nobody likes taxes. but we can't have schools, can't have roads. we can't have -- the wonderful public libraries. we can't have those things without paying for it. >> what a leader can do at this time is looked virginians in the face and say we are going to cut the budget. there are some opportunities to economize and we will take advantage of these times to get the job done correctly. >> reporter: admitting there is no area of the budget that won't feel pain. peggy fox, 9news now and >> governor tim kaine proposed 2.3 billion in budget cuts for next year along with a 1% increase in the state's income tax. it will be up to governor elect bob mcdonell to form his own plan.
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>> while you're forming plans you might want to form a cold plan because it is going to be even colder than today. >> one thing we haven't talked about yet. potholes. pipes freezing. but again, neighborhood ponds will look very enticing to kids. don't go on them. 37 today. doesn't sound so bad but you factor in 30-mile-an-hour winds and it will feel like 20. here is your forecast first. next three days. mid-30s tomorrow. mid-30s on thursday. then we start tanking. arctic air moving in on friday. few clouds tomorrow. still bree. then a clipper coming in thursday night. dry during the day on thursday. light snow is possible thursday night and very early ob on friday. really fluffy-like snow. temps hovering around 30 on friday then begin to fall. okay, weather tip. arctic blast is coming. open your cabinet doors. again, open the door, get
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ambient heat. close curtains. leave water trickling. take advantage of some of your sun in the southwestern sky during the day. and of course bring in the pets. that's very important. tonight breezy and cool. flurries. snow shower possible. lows around 25. winds north westerly at 10 to 20. temps right now still falling. 30 in vienna. everybody is either side of 32. you get up to the west. 28 in winchester. tomorrow morning partly cloudy, breezy, cold. temps 20s and 30s. windchills once again will be in the teens. by afternoon partly cloudy. it will be windy again. clouds come in late. highs around 35. winds pick up a little bit. northwest 10 to 20. gusty. make it feel like it is in the upper 20s. satellite picture, radar combined. seeing snow now in the dakotas.
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that's just the beginning of our little clipper. we know clippers don't have moisture with them. they can't carry a lot of moisture. they are fast movers and usher in arctic air. i think this will lay down a pretty good swathe of light snow to missouri, even down to tennessee and even into the metro area as we get into thursday night late and very early on friday. tonight could see some of these snow showers or flurries making it over the mountains to the metro area. mid-30s tomorrow. clouds coming in late. mt. royal 34. downtown, about 36. 37 for annapolis and small craft advisory through tomorrow for the bay and tidal potomac. next seven days mid-30s tomorrow, mid-30s thursday. clipper coming in thursday night. 29 on friday. that's when the pipes become a
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problem. upper 30s on tuesday. we will be staying dry. >> so we are keeping count here. been at least 48 hours and counting and nothing yet. what's going on? >> i know mike shanahan is here. he has had good meals. i know he had a fancy ride on the jet. i don't know if he wants to be the coach here. the latest on the talks with mike shanahan. plus, more on my sit down with former coach jim zorn as he opens up about his firing and his fap. 9sports is coming up. if i had to sit on a bench during the middle of a game
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it is time for 9sports with brett haber. the best sports in town. >> mike shanahan still has not taken the job. not that he won't but most expected the deal would be done by today and as of this moment it is not. sara walsh live at redskins park with the latest. what do we know, sara. >> reporter: widely reported mike shanahan and his wife spent the night at dan snyder's
6:26 pm
potomac, maryland home and apparently that sleepover was a success. because after discussing the organization's direction according to espn mike shanahan summoned his agent to dc to work out a contract. now it is the calm before the storm at redskins park but players are ready for mike shanahan to make it official. >> i know it is going to happen within the next couple days. i think everyone's assumption is that it is mike shanahan. i think everyone is aware that he is spending time here. >> get a guy like that in here, hopefully who can help regroup and rebuild and get the team going in the right direction. >> of course runningback clinton portis played for mike shanahan in denver. he called mike shanahan a perfect hire for this team. brett, live out at redskins park. back to you. >> perfect hire even though mike shanahan is the guy that traded clinton portis away from denver. not sure he actually means that. so while the search for the new coach continues the old coach
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enters day 2 of the rest of his lisp and while you might think that jim zorn would be depressed a day after getting fired to be in a room with him today might convince you otherwise. i met up with zorn as he spoke for the first time since his dismissal yesterday. he came across relaxed and like the weight of his world was off his shoulders and he credits his wife and children from keeping him medium. >> all our family members have been very supportive and they continue to be. this is normal lifestyle for us. the risks are heavy. there's a lot of risk involved in being an nfl coach and this is part of the risk. >> you can hear my entire unedited conversation with zorn on our website what gilbert arenas considered a joke is getting more serious. an indictment may occur. if it occurs it would likely happen later this week. the investigation into the gun
6:28 pm
play in the wizards locker room is still ongoing and if it leads to a criminal conviction it could, could allow the wizards to void the remainder of gilbert arenas' '99-figure contract. carl malone speaking out on the matter today saying "the nba can't sweep something like this under the rug. now people think every nba player is carrying firearms into the locker room." maryland hoops saying good- bye to the sophomore forward who is pursuing a career in his native korea. the caps back home tonight against montreal. the team without a captain since they traded chris clark last week. they will announce their new captain tonight and we have learned it will be alex ovechkin. two-time mvp. he turned it down in twief but this year believes if he is ready for the added responsibility of being the team's leader on and off the nice. mike knuble was also considered for the honor. no new coach for the redskins yet but dc united has
6:29 pm
one. black and red introducing a new head coach today. the 40-year-old was a player for united in the late 90s. he has been head coach of the kansas city wizards for the last three years. you know you've done something stupid when david letterman makes a top 10 list about you. top 10 washington wizards excuses for gun play in the locker room. >> two blares can't pull guns over a locker room gambling dispute. what is this, russia? coach didn't specify what kind of game shoot around it was. >> that conif i ams my belief that number 2 on dave's list is always better than number 1. >> that's pretty good. >> cool windchills tonight. in the teens already. a little clipper coming our way thursday night. we will talk more about that at 7:00 p.m. katie couric is next. where america stands. what will it take to put people ba


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